Step 1:外国人来华工作许可证延期

( 就业证到期前3个月即可以申请 )

Extension of Working Permit with the Labour Bureau (within 3 months of expiry date)

需提供资料 Information Required:

  1. 用人单位的外国人就业系统网页账号和密码
    Username and password of employer’s foreign employment system.
  2. 劳动合同
    Employment Contract
  3. 有效的工作类居留许可页码和护照首页
    Scanned copy of valid Residence Permit and info page of passport
  4. 外国人来华工作许可证
    Valid Working Permit Card


Step 2:出入境工作居留许可延期

Extension of Residence Permit with the Entry Bureau

需提供资料 / Information Required:

  1. 护照原件 / Passport Original
  2. 公司公章 / Company chop
  3. 劳动合同 / Labor contract
  4. 临时住宿登记证明 / Temporary accommodation registration certificate



Note: The presence of the applicant is advised during the application procedure at the Labour Bureau and Entry Bureau.


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