Cashier Services

Star Accounting and Consulting specialise in bridging the gap for foreign businesses and investors looking to enter the Chinese market. Our team have the know-how and expertise to smoothly transition foreign companies into China and simplify international financial transactions.

For businesses operating outside China, understanding and complying with local regulations is a minefield compounded by bureaucratic red tape and language barriers. Star Accounting and Consulting offer a range of professional business services to establish and register foreign corporations and companies. Importantly, we also provide off-shore businesses with a virtual Chinese address, a local landline phone number and a postal address for direct communications

Cashier and Financial Services

Trading between your home country and China can often make international money transactions difficult. Currency conversion, language barriers, time zone conflicts and lack of insight into local regulations can mean chasing debtors and dealing with local vendors becomes complicated and time-consuming.

By employing third-party cashier services, such as those offered by Star Accounting, you are enabling a more reliable and secure transfer of money across international borders.

Star Accounting and Consulting’s accounting and banking experts manage a wide range of financial transactions from our head office in mainland China.

Our cashier services include:

– Managing Internet banking transactions, including:

    – Paying vendors
    – Confirming customer payments

– Foreign transfers
– Set up of payment cycles
– Monitoring and handling incoming and outgoing international payments
– Declare and clear funds
– Provide advice on any tax implications around international transactions
– Process currency conversion
– Handle VAT invoicing
– Reconciliation processes to document and verify transactions
– Capital verification.

Utilising the services of a China-based, third-party firm like Star Accounting and Consulting is also very cost-effective, allowing foreign businesses to avoid the expense of recruiting and training extra, home-grown accounting staff. Our team will be your team – guiding your business to a successful, long-term trading experience in China.

Accountability in Financial Management

By using an intermediary company for their financial transactions, businesses have more transparency in their foreign accounting processes.

Star Accounting and Consulting uses cloud-based accounting software to enable our clients to have full transparency in our financial transactions. Among its wide range of applications, our bilingual, multicurrency, cloud-based software provides our clients with real-time monitoring of all foreign business transactions and cash flow.

Consequently, this keeps Star Accounting and Consulting accountable for our performance, with managers and business owners able to view financial and business operations as they occur, in their own currency and language.

The Next Step in Money Management

Partnering with Star Accounting and Consulting makes good financial sense for any business seeking to make its mark in China.

We are a one-stop shop for foreign businesses entering the Chinese trade market, offering business establishment and registration services. We also offer a complete solution for safekeeping and maintenance of company chops, company seals, stamps and licences.

Star Accounting and Consulting also provide a range of other business and accounting services including HR, Secretary, tax planning, business registration and financial advice and management. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to discuss the range of services we offer and find out how we will open the door to the wealth of opportunities offered in the Chinese market!