Chinese Company Registration Services

Whether you are seeking to consolidate your corporate supply chain or gain a foothold in the epicentre of global competition, setting up a business in China, the world’s largest trading economy, positions you for financial success.

Registering a company in China, however, can be very challenging for foreign businesses due to local regulatory and compliance nuances. No matter how proficient your local accountant may be, they will likely struggle with Chinese laws and legislation. That’s where Star Accounting can help.

Based in mainland China, Star Accounting have the local know-how to navigate the complex processes involved in setting up foreign company registrations, including any permit and licensing requirements. Our team of highly qualified, professional consultants have helped hundreds of satisfied foreign clients register their business and set up WFOEs in China. Our accountants are also proficient in assisting foreign corporations to open Chinese bank accounts, manage payroll services and deliver all ongoing business accounting services.

What We Offer

Star Accounting has over 10 years of experience in foreign company registration services.

We take the stress out of establishing business operations in China through our full-service business model. Depending on your needs, we provide advice and consulting services to set up and manage Joint Ventures (JV), Representative Offices (RO) and Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises (WFOE).

As a trusted, local Chinese business, we have established long-term relationships with a range of institutions that we can leverage to ensure a smooth and hassle-free business establishment process. These relationships include financial institutions, banks, local authorities and our existing client base.

Our Company Registration Services

How can Star Accounting help your business break into and succeed in the Chinese market? Through our comprehensive accounting and business management services including set up and management of :

– Company name
– Business licences
– Company chops
– Bank accounts
– Customs and Tax Bureau registration
– Industry-specific licencing and permits
– Social benefit accounts

Our holistic business model means that Star Accounting has service divisions in all aspects of business and account management including:

– Accounting services
– Business secretary services
– Cashier services
– Tax services
– HR services

Furthermore, Star Accounting has the experience and expertise to streamline your corporate Human Resources (HR) requirements. Normally a complex and time-consuming process for foreign businesses, Star Accounting will manage all the red tape and paperwork involved in resourcing and recruitment. Whether it is visa applications or social insurance, we will effectively and efficiently manage each process in setting up a WFOE in China, optimising productivity by ensuring your business has your best people on the ground as quickly as possible.


Star Accounting are industry leader in the registration of small to medium multinational businesses in China. We have proven experience across a range of industries and a portfolio of satisfied clients. Our breadth of experience includes:

– Domestic and international trade
– Retail
– Consulting
– Hospitality
– Property management
– Restaurants

If you are considering registering your company in China or setting up a WFOE in China, but don’t know where to start, get in touch with Star Accounting today to discuss how we can make your business aspirations a reality. Our team of accounting experts are the key to stepping onto the largest economic stage in the world and thriving. Together, we will propel your business to new heights of success and prosperity.