Tax Services

Establishing a business in a foreign country can be fraught with legal ramifications. Navigating local tax laws where there are language barriers and little understanding of local regulations, means foreign businesses and investors face the risk of harsh non-compliance penalties. These risks can be particularly evident in China, where tax regulations can be complex and difficult to navigate for outsiders.

Tax compliance

Star Accounting and Consulting’s tax specialists excel at making tax compliance, simple, transparent and stress-free. We provide comprehensive, corporate tax services to foreign-owned businesses and take the guesswork out of tax compliance in China.

Our professional tax experts will free you from the burden of corporate tax administration. We have systems in place to optimise tax processes and relationships with local authorities to facilitate the flow of communication, information and record-keeping.

The Chinese tax system dictates that foreign businesses must complete regular tax filings. Tax reckoning can be ad-hoc, monthly, quarterly and annually, which translates to significant administration obligations for foreign businesses trying to remain compliant.

It is only logical that navigating the complexities of the Chinese tax system requires the services of local tax agents like Star Accounting and Consulting. We have expertise in all facets of tax laws and legislation in China and our qualified, professional tax consultants will ensure your business adheres to all Government regulations

Foreign corporation tax services

Star Accounting’s tax team offer a range of tax administration and filing services including: 

– Maintaining ongoing tax compliance with monthly and quarterly VAT and corporate income tax filing

– Corporate tax planning

– Monitoring, administrating and optimising corporate income tax liability

– Calculating and filing related tax obligations including construction tax and stamp duty

– Transfer pricing policy formulation

– Individual income tax filing and advisory services

– Tax return preparation and submission

– Processing tax payments

– Liaising with local Chinese tax authorities

– Providing advice and tax consultancy services relating to Chinese tax policies and legislation obligations.

Tax Advisory Services

Staying abreast of tax laws in China can be challenging. In an economic environment that is growing at such a pace. The Chinese tax system is constantly evolving to stay abreast of the enforcement of both local and national tax regulations.

Star Accounting and Consulting’s tax consultants are able to provide advice on a range of tax and finance-related topics including:

Optimising business structuring or restructuring for market entry

– International tax

– Cross border and international financial transactions

– Chinese subsidiary financing

Let’s get started

For foreign business owners and investors, interpreting tax laws in China can be challenging, due in part to language barriers and the vast chasm of difference in legislation and regulations between countries. Multinational corporations, therefore need local expertise to ensure they are able to operate viably and legally under a foreign tax system.

Star Accounting and Consulting can be the bridge that supports your business and guides it smoothly and efficiently through the Chinese tax system. Our tax experts have supported hundreds of companies just like yours to achieve their international business goals. Contact us today to find out more about our range of tax, accounting, business secretary and HR services.