President: Yanjun Sun

Bachelor degree of Accounting and Mathematics, Lancaster Uni- versity (U.K.)
Fellow of Royal Statistical Society (U.K.)
Founder of the company. Director of Expert Committee of Shanghai Association of Accounting and Bookkeeping Service.

Chief Accountant: Huiying Shen

Provides consultancy services to international trading and manu – facturing start-ups for internationalisation and investment. Has supported many large state-owned and private-owned PRC enterprises in setting up companies for international trading purposes or to act as a regional HQ.

V.P.: Rita Hu

Rita has assisted numerous SMEs and MNCs in tax compliance, advisory, planning and dispute resolution in China.

V.P.: Effie Tang

In charge of company registration and oversea business. Master degree of Economics.

C.O.O.: Xidong Shen

With over 12 years of audit, accounting, and financial manage – ment experience in China.

Head of Accounting Division: Yvonne Xie

Yvonne brings over 12+ years of diversified experience in finance
and accounting, primarily in the international trading and private equity industry.

Manager of small and start-up enterprise accounting department: Yoyo Huang

She has more than 10 years experience in STAR. She is also in
charge of clients’ tax verification