Business Secretary Services

For any business considering establishing a presence in the lucrative Chinese marketplace, it is critical to have a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of their mandatory business practices.

For foreigners, owning or operating a business in China comes with a raft of challenges. As a third-party business, based in mainland China, Star Accounting and Consulting have a range of solutions to streamline the process, circumvent problems and make the experience smooth, stress-free and financially rewarding.

Company chops

Company chops are just one example of the complex, China-specific, regulations foreign businesses looking to trade in China must navigate. Otherwise referred to as an official seal or stamp, company chops are mandatory requirement for doing business in China. Company chops replace the Western practice of using signatures to formalise business, acting as legal evidence of a company’s activities overseas.

There are five primary types of company chops in China and secondary ones which can be applied in extraordinary circumstances. The five main types are:

– Official company chop
– Legal representative’s personal chop
– Contract chop
– Financial chop
– Invoice chop

The official company chop is legally binding and used most widely for contracts, official documents and any business requiring the signing of documents. The official chop will need to be produced to provide authority to alter a business name, open a bank account or change the scope of a business.

For online transactions, an equivalent electronic chop is used.

After registering a business, foreign-invested enterprises must show evidence of the company chop to the Administration for Market Regulations (AMR). The company chop must also be filed with the Public Security Bureau, showing the full registered name of the company in Chinese.

Star Accounting and Consulting’s can act as temporary custodian of your company chops, maintaining them and safeguarding their integrity.

Safe business practices

As with every business, scams abound in the illegal misuse of company chops, with recent examples of businesses forging company seals or chops to secure lucrative deals. These cases impress how critical it is for foreign businesses to have a trusted company safeguarding their company chops.

Secretary Services

Aside from safe keeping of company stamps and seals, Star Accounting and Consulting also offer a range of other valuable services for foreign companies looking to get a foothold in China. These include creating a virtual local presence – providing a Chinese address for business registrations, and a landline phone number and a local postal address for correspondence. We also offer merge and acquisition advisory services.

For Australian businesses, China is our largest trading partner. With the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA), coming into action almost a decade ago, we have built a formidably successful commercial relationship with China that has seen many Australian businesses flourish.

By tapping into our deep knowledgebase of Chinese business practices and regulations you have the key to unlock a new level of trade potential. Star Accounting and Consulting have the expertise and experience to reach your business goals faster and with less hassle or cost than you imagined.

Contact us today to discuss our wide range of business secretary, accounting, taxation, HR and consulting services and let us show you how we can be the bridge to a new level of business success in China.