We are delighted to announce that STAR (Shanghai)
Accounting and Consulting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “STAR Accounting”) has officially joined IECnet on September 1, 2019 and become a Chinese member of the IECnet global network of accounting institutions.

IECnet is an international association of accountants, auditors and tax consultants. All IECnet’s members are professionally qualified under the laws of their respective jurisdictions.
The association was formed in 1987 and its members have established an infrastructure of mutual support and share the highest standards of professional duties and client service.
IECnet has more than 80 members and, due to its medium size, extensive personal contacts have been established and strengthened between the members for their benefit and, more importantly, for the benefit of their clients.
With members located in six continents, we can support our clients in all their international as well as local business requirements to an exceptionally high standard.

IECnet ranked 27th in International Accounting Bulletin in 2019.

IECnet will strengthen the cooperation between STAR Accounting and its members, provide global services for Chinese customers, with the aim to create better opportunities for member institutions to participate in China’s development, and to lay a solid foundation for further win-win in the future.

Founded in August 2007, STAR Accounting is a company that provides professional service including WOFE registration, accounting, cashier and taxation consulting services. It also acts as the deputy chairman of Shanghai Association of Accounting and Bookkeeping Services. As the director of the expert committee of Shanghai Association of Accounting and Bookkeeping Services, STAR Accounting co-authored Guidelines for the Practice Standards of the Agency Accounting Industry issued by the Shanghai Finance Bureau, together with other members. STAR Accounting has served hundreds of foreign invested companies, including some of the top 500 companies, facilitated many foreign companies from different continents to successfully conduct business in mainland China.

We are firmly convinced that by joining the IECnet International Accounting Services Alliance, we can enhance our position and brand image in the international network, integrate our professional skills and interactive capabilities, and provide better services to our global customers. In the future, the accounting, taxation, cashier, company registration agent and business secretary team of STAR Accounting will continue to provide customers with comprehensive business solutions, enhance their market value and move towards internationalization, and furthermore, create deveoping opportunities both locally and internationally.


IECnet在2019年International Accounting Bulletin 中排名第27位。




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